Friday, February 24, 2017

Finished Items : Triangle Platter and Sodium Silicate Vessels

Before I get into the new items, I want to start with that triangle platter which has been on display at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for the past few months, and finally came home with me on Monday.

This one was made using one the styrofoam moulds I made in a weekend course in Sept 2016.  I have been very pleased with how these worked out, and hope to make more platters from them in future.

A) This little beauty was made from B-Mix clay, and textured with a roller, as well as a variety of my handmade stamps from a few years back, which have textured a lot of pieces for me.  The texture is highlighted with Deep Blue and Amber Celadon glazes, which were subsequently wiped off, and the whole piece was sprayed Clear.  Which is interesting, since it seems to have a bluish tinge, I would have guessed it was sprayed Celadon.  Since it was created from a slab, it has a nice uniform weight to it, and will make a lovely serving platter.

Now for the new pieces.  All of them bearing one of my signature stamps.

First of all, I have a set of pieces crackled with sodium silicate, and decorated with plum blossom stampers.  I tried to finish them in a variety of ways, so I could discover which ones I liked the best.  These are the first 5 which came home with me on Monday :
And one by one...
1) This one was created using white slip over H550 grey clay.  Once bisqued, I used Forest Green underglaze to highlight the edges of the flowers and cracks.  But I otherwise left the white slip unglazed.  Then it is dipped inside and top and bottom in Matt Green glaze, and the plum blossoms are highlighted in white glaze, so they are shiny against the crackly matte background.  I think this is my favourite of the five.

2) This one was also created from H550 grey clay, but crackled directly (no slip).  My notes and photos indicate that I used Forest Green underglaze again, although I wouldn't know from looking at it now.  Red underglaze highlights the plum blossoms, and it was glazed inside with Matt Green glaze, and the outside sprayed Clear.   I generally like the look, although I would have preferred a more greenish tone rather than the brownish tone which resulted.

3) This one was crackled with turquoise slip, and then after bisque, I waxed the surface lightly and stained the cracks with Black stain.  Then it was dipped inside, top and bottom in Amber Celadon, and the plum blossoms highlighted with Amber Celadon also.  I like that contrast between the matte soft turquoise, and the shiny bold amber celadon.

4) This one was green slip on grey clay, although again I wouldn't have known it if my notes didn't tell me so.  The blossoms were highlighted in white slip.  After bisque, it was glazed White inside and on top.  Then the outside was sprayed in Gerstley Borate, so it has a slight sheen to it, but is not shiny.  I like the feel of this one.  It doesn't feel as delicate and crumbly as the previous 3.  So I think I will glaze / seal my remaining pieces, rather than leaving the clay or slip exposed.

5) This one was also finished with green slip, but has no glaze or seal to it, so it turned out totally different than the previous one.  Fascinating.  It was dipped in Khaki glaze, inside, top and bottom.  I like the contrast, again between matte and shiny, soft and bold.  Although this one is a bit on the dark and brooding side.  I think I prefer the cheery whites and reds.  But that's the whole point of trying different treatments and glazes, to discover what combinations worked for me.  And I wouldn't be surprised if different people preferred different ones also.

I think I'll leave it there for tonight, as it's been a really long stressful week, and I need some sleep now.  I'll post more as soon as I have a chance.

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