Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Short Pottery Day

As I was buying more clay at Shadbolt Center this morning, there was already talk about a snow storm, and afternoon and evening classes were being cancelled in anticipation.  I was glad our morning class was not affected, as it seems like a long week since I was last in the studio.

I decided that before starting new work, I would finish up some of my work in progress.  So I started with trimming this pot which I plan to use for the raku firing (and save the decorating for the glazing step) :

I then decided to continue with glazing my many pieces which have been bisque fired already.  With the sodium silicate pots, I tried to think of various ways to glaze them, and hopefully will end up with some nice results.

For the turquoise slip ones, I decided to add a black stain, to accentuate the cracks.  In one case, I applied wax to the surface first, and in the other, I was just careful not to apply too much stain to the slip-covered areas, since I had already learned from a classmate that when wiping off the stain, the slip was inclined to wipe off also.

So here are a few of the pots, in various states of being stained and glazed :

I was making good progress with the glazing when we heard that Shadbolt was getting closed down, due to the snow warnings, and snow already starting to fall.  So we only got about an hour into the drop-in workshop, and needed to pack it all up, and clean up.  Such a shame.  But I did manage to glaze enough pieces that hopefully they will be fired in the next couple of weeks, and I might be able learn from the results before needing to finish the remainder.  We'll see.

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