Friday, August 21, 2015

Pottery Photos

I've been trying to take some more "professional" looking photos of my pottery, and mostly posting them on Instagram (where I am @dragonclawz), since the immediate feedback is very satisfying (I'm addicted to "likes").  So I thought I'd share a few of them here also, on the blog which few people seem to read, but I still like to flip through it sometimes.

So starting with some of my raku pottery pieces, this one is from a foil saggar firing :
And horsehair (and feathers) raku :

Horsehair and feather raku pottery vase by Lily.

Beautiful horsehair and feather raku pottery vase by Lily.

Beautiful handmade horsehair and feather raku pottery vase by Lily.

And crackled effect from sodium silicate :
Beautiful handthrown sodium silicate crackled pottery vase by Lily.

Naked raku pottery :
Beautiful colored naked raku pottery vase by Lily.

Foil saggar raku again :
Stunning foil saggar fired raku ceramic vase by Lily.

A regular cone 10 glazed piece, thrown as a dome and flipped over :
Beautiful wheelthrown ceramic pottery piece by Lily.

A glazed raku fired piece :
Beautiful raku glazed pottery by Lily.

A sgraffito piece (using green slip) :
Unique wheelthrown sgraffito pottery ceramic vase with leaf design by Lily.

My raku fired lady (her dress was glazed in a bright red, but apparently there was not enough reduction, so she ended up gold/beige) :
Beautiful lady raku fired pottery sculpture by Lily.

And finally, a couple of my vases in "action", holding grasses or flowers from the garden :
Beautiful sodium silicate ceramic pottery vase by Lily.

Beautiful ceramic pottery vase with flowers by Lily.