Sunday, February 19, 2017

Marbled Vessels

Today was another "bonus" pottery day, as I went into the studio on a Sunday afternoon.  It was a rainy day, so I guess a lot of other people had the same idea.  All wheels were taken, and a couple of people were turned away, since there was no more room.

I had in mind to throw a few items from WSO / sculptural clay, for my raku one-day course in March, and then rework and revive some odd bags of clay which I had in the garage for too long.  But when I got there, I realized I should tackle the old clay first, since it may need some time to either soften or firm up.  So I started dumping bags of clay onto the table, and wedging.

I ended up mixing together P570 white clay, H550 grey clay, Willamette Yellow clay, and a little bit of brownish clay (I think it had some brown slip which I had trimmed or something like that).  The result was pretty pleasing.  I made these 6 vessels :
...and this bowl, which was a bit wonky, so I wonked it some more, to look intentional :
Here's a better look at those pieces :
...and a couple at a time :
(I made sure that wheel wasn't plugged in, before loading my pieces there.  And that was the "stand up" pottery wheel which I've never seen anyone attempt to use, even on a day like today when there were no other wheels available.)

I guess I'll be busy trimming these 7 pieces on Wednesday.

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