Thursday, February 9, 2017

Final Egg Hatching - Sort Of

I asked my 16 year old tonight what he thought I should do with that remaining egg.  I have created two dragons peeking out (see this dragon hatchling and this one), and two with just a claw poking through.  He suggested something like the little eggs at Easter with feet on them.  I replied that the clay was heavy, I didn't know how I would be able to make it stand.  So he suggested that they could be sitting down.

I don't think this is ANYTHING like he was imagining (based on the expression on his face when I showed him the work in progress), but here's my attempt at feet, and then a tail so it doesn't appear to be bird feet :
It's not quite done yet.  I will create some cracks around the feet and tail, and maybe even where the head would be, so it is more clear that this is an egg, rather than a sculpture which I abandoned part way through forming the body.

Here it is from another angle :
It's not my favourite at this point, but it's pretty fun, I think.

11:45PM update :  I guess I couldn't sleep without finishing this one, so here it is.  I think I'm done now :
 Yes, that's fun!

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