Thursday, March 2, 2017

Last Class and Looking Forward to Raku Workshop

Yesterday was my last Spring Ahead garden pottery class, and other than a few pieces which I held back for the raku workshop this coming weekend, I finished glazing all my pieces.

It was slow going, as many of them were the sodium silicate vessels, and I was trying all different combinations of stains and glazes, both brushed on and sprayed.  I was reasonably happy with that first set of finished sodium silicate pots, but I think this next set will be even better.

Among the pots were a few dragon hatchlings, like this little character.  He was fun to accent with a few different stains / underglazes.  But to spray his egg, I needed to mask the little fella.  He was not very happy about it, but he obliged.

Here are a few more sodium silicate items, before being sprayed :

I still have more finished items to post photos of, and if all goes well, I'll have a few pieces to post on Sunday night.  I hope the weather cooperates.  There are more forecasts of snow, and it was very cold rain today.  I've been through one raku workshop which was gloriously warm and beautiful, and the other an absolute downpour, where we ended up drenched, and cold all day.  So I hope if it's still cold, that at least it is clear on Sunday.

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