Tuesday, March 7, 2017

More Finished Items : Totem Pieces

Continuing through the finished items from my Spring Ahead garden pottery course (see preview, first set and second set), these are the remaining items which I've picked up (and if I make it to the studio tomorrow, there should be more to pick up).  Most of them are pieces for a garden totem, which I hope to assemble soon (maybe once the snow has cleared!!) :

17) This piece was thrown from approx 1600 g of H550 grey clay, and the grooves were formed with my hand while throwing.  It was dipped in Amber Celadon, and then overlapped with Deep Blue.  But something interesting happened with the Deep Blue glaze, I suspect I had not stirred it enough.  I like the effect, but it came out almost like a Clear glaze.

18) This piece is either a garden ornament or a topper to a garden totem.  It was thrown from approx 1600 g of H550 grey clay, and then altered while still quite soft, to have a sort of floral pattern.  It is glazed in Ash Yellow, and then I highlighted a bit with Khaki (although I'm not sure it shows).

19) This totem piece was a challenge to myself, to throw a donut, from 2100 g of H550 grey clay.  It turned out pretty beautiful.  I took advantage of it being an outdoor piece, to use the Sombright Green glaze (which is not considered food safe).  The holes are both to one side, so it will sit funkily on the totem, and also the rebar won't show through.  I can't wait to try it out.

20) This piece was thrown to accompany the donut, as it also has offset holes.  I intended to throw two such pieces, but didn't get to a second one.  When I went to glaze it, I realized I wanted glaze on all sides, so would need to leave a few unglazed spots for wadding.  Then I got the idea to make the unglazed spots into an intentional pattern (using wax), which I what I did.  I really like the contrast between the Deep Blue glaze and the unglazed H550 grey clay.

These two pieces belong as a set, with the ice cream being a topper for a totem.

21) The ice cream was thrown from 2200 g of H550 grey clay.  It was originally intended to be an acorn, but it went wonky, so I hand altered it while soft, to form those delicious swirls.  It is glazed in White.

22) The cone was thrown to match it, and glazed with Gordon's Shino.  As it was dipped, it went on too thick, and is mostly white, not the orange tones which I was hoping from the Shino.  Next time I'll stick with Carbon Trap Shino, which has given me better results, and will probably spray the glaze, to better control the thickness.

I hope to have more tomorrow.  According to my notes, I have a whopping 22 more pieces which have been glazed, and are either waiting to be fired, or to be picked up.

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