Monday, June 5, 2017

Soda Fired Pieces : Cups, Goblets, Geranium Leaf Vase

My eyes are stinging tonight, but as the sun was already setting, I snapped a few photos of some of my soda fired pieces, and I can't wait to share them.  Here they are, starting from some of the smallest items first (since they were packed on the top of my boxes) :

Soda fired yunomi or tea cup, handmade pottery by Lily L.
1) This little yunomi or informal tea cup, was thrown from the specially formulated "No. 6" soda clay, with no salt added.  It is glazed with Robin Dupont Clear inside, on the rim, and in a band near the bottom.  I really like the colors achieved in this soda clay.  It was a very colorful and successful soda firing.

Soda fired jar / vase, handmade pottery by Lily L.
2) This little jar / vase was thrown from 900 g of mixed (reclaimed) clay, with a bottom that was thin enough to not require trimming.  It was sprayed (from one side) with Gordon's #3 flashing slip, which gives it the green/blue hues.  It is glazed with Malcolm Davis Shino inside, and then dotted with "Blue Poison" glaze (so named since it is apparently not food safe) on the outside.  It is pretty funky, and has a very wide range of colors, so I'm very pleased with the result.

Soda fired goblets, handmade wood fired pottery by Lily L.
This may be one of the first sets I've made.  It is a pair of goblets, of similar size and coloration....

Soda fired handmade pottery goblet by Lily L.
3) Both were thrown / formed from a reclaimed mixture of white clay and porcelain, and were finished with a spray of Ben's Avery flashing slip on the stems and foot, and #2 Soda flashing slip on the cup (outside), with Yellow Salt glaze inside the cup.  It is interesting to see how the Ben's Avery resisted the soda on the stem, but it seemed to land more heavily on the foot, making it nearly white.  This first goblet is quite yellow inside.  I am really pleased with this Yellow Salt glaze, it is so cheery, and one of my favorites.

Soda fired handmade pottery goblet by Lily L.
4) This second one has some interesting rust and yellow colors going on inside.  As if the #2 Soda flashing slip and the Yellow Salt glaze were interacting.  Very nice.

Soda fired handmade ceramic goblet by Lily L.
5) This goblet is an interesting character.  It was a little bit off-center when I made it, and it seemed to warp even more in the soda firing, so it stands upright, but just barely.  So I don't think it will be functional, but it has an interesting form, and I may try something like this again.

It was also formed from a reclaimed mixture of porcelain and white clay, with Gordon's #3 brushed on the base and stem, and Tesha glaze brushed on the cup (inside and outside).  I like the richness of the colors, and even what looks like my brush marks on both the outside and inside of the cup.

Black beauty - soda fired leaf imprint ceramic vase by Lily L.
 I will end tonight with this black beauty.  It is so pleasing that I will give it a few photos.  This one with a branch of the scented geranium plant which provided me with the beautiful leaf imprints.  The beautiful lemon scented plant was a gift from my friend Beth, so I decided while I was making this vase, that it will be a gift back to her.

Before and after photo of leaf imprint soda fired pottery vase by Lily L.
Here is a before and after photo.  The fresh clay, after being imprinted with the leaves, and brushed with black slip.  And the finished vase, after some staining with black stain, and soda firing.

Soda fired leaf imprint handmade pottery vase by Lily L.
6) The vase was thrown from 1900g of P600 porcelain, and finished with black slip, and then black stain on the leaves.  It is stained inside with Tesha.  It again features an untrimmed bottom, which has been nicely tanned by the soda.

Soda fired handmade pottery by Lily L.
I had taken a "group shot" of the items so far, thinking that I was done for the evening, but then decided to squeeze in one more set of photos...

Soda fired ceramic leaves by Lily L.
7) These 3 leaf pendants were formed from WSO sculptural clay, using the imprints from my beloved Davidii involucrata (dove or handkerchief) tree.  They are beautifully glazed by the soda, with a bit of blue from a light spraying of Gordon's #3 flashing slip.  Next time I will try spraying on a heavier coat of Gordon's #3, to get a deeper blue or green.  But I am happy with the blue through rust variations.

I am still experimenting with some pendants, hoping to one day do some collaborating with my jewelry-making friend Shelley (Instagram's "Composed by Shelley").
Beautiful leaf imprint soda fired pottery piece by Lily L.
8) While I'm at it, I'll describe this one, which was whisked away by Fredi for another student exhibit.  It was thrown from 1300g of a reclaimed mix of various different clays, also imprinted with the beautiful scented geranium leaves, and finished with black slip, and black stain on the leaves.  It has a hole in the bottom, so it could be a topper for a garden totem.  But it is probably too beautiful to put it out into the yard, it will likely live inside for a very long time.

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