Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Soda Fired Pieces : Textured Vases, Honeycomb, and Another Leaf Vase

I was fortunate to catch some natural light this morning, to take photos of a few more of the items I brought home Sunday from the soda firing :
Textured soda fired pottery by Lily L.

Here they are, one by one, continuing from the previous set of pieces :
Soda fired pottery vase by Lily L, featuring leaf imprints from japanese anemone.
9) This little beauty was thrown from 1500g of P570 white clay, and then coated with No. 6 Soda slip, before applying the Japanese anemone leaves.  It was given a light spray of Gordon's #3 flashing slip, otherwise it is mostly glazed on the outside by the ash and soda.  The inside and rim is glazed with Yellow Salt.  I like the Autumn colors on this one.  The leaf texture has also been preserved very beautifully.

For these next few pieces, since they are very similar, I think my notes got a bit confused, but I think I have made sense of them...
Textured and crackled soda fired pottery vase by Lily L.
10) This one was thrown from 1300g of mixed (reclaimed) clay.  I then textured it with a thick white slip.  It was likely sprayed with a light dusting of #2 Flashing slip.  It is glazed with Tesha inside, and then a band of Cobra applied around the bottom.  I really like the crackly texture of the Cobra.  There's a lot going on in this piece.

Textured soda fired pottery vase by Lily L.
11) This one was also thrown from 900g of mixed (reclaimed) clay, and textured with white slip.  It was also sprayed lightly with #2 flashing slip.  But along the bottom, I applied a band of Gordon's Shino, which ended up a similar color to the rest of the vase, but a bit more shiny.  Nice.

Textured soda fired pottery vase by Lily L.
12) This little vase was thrown from 1100g of P570 white clay, and again textured with the thick white slip.  I have a note that it was sprayed with a bit of Ben's Avery, and #2 flashing slip.  It was glazed with Yellow Salt inside and on the rim.

Textured soda fired pottery garden totem piece by Lily L.
13) This totem piece was thrown from 1400g of mixed clay, and also decorated with the same white slip.  It was sprayed lightly with Gordon's #3 flashing slip (which gives it some light touches of blue, among the beige and bronze tones).  It is unglazed inside (except by the soda).

Textured soda fired pottery vase by Lily L.
14) This big guy is one of my favorites from the set.  It is thrown from 2000g of mixed clay, and textured with a slip labelled "Arlynn's slip".  Since Arlynn Nobel (yes, apparently she is a distant relative of Alfred Nobel, for which the Nobel Prize is named) often teaches a soda course, I believe this is a slip formulated for the soda firing.  But I also sprayed it lightly with Gordon's #3 flashing slip (which I think gives it those areas of light blue).  It is glazed with Chun inside, and then I brushed on bits of "Poison Blue" glaze.  There are also a couple of dots (barely visible in the bottom left photo) where I carried the piece through the rain, and the rain made a few marks in the slip.  It has a beautiful triple trimmed foot.

Honeybee and honeycomb textured soda fired pottery by Lily L.
15) This is a fun little piece.  It is also destined for the garden, as a topper to one of my garden totems.  It was thrown from 1700g of mixed clay, and decorated with honeybee and honeycomb stamps.  I applied Kingsmill stain to highlight the textures, and sprayed it with Lorna Meaden flashing slip, which gives it the golden color.  I then glazed it inside with Yellow Salt, and intentionally splattered it with more Yellow Salt glaze, to give the appearance of honey.  I'm quite pleased with the result, and look forward to seeing it in the garden, once I have enough totem pieces to assemble another totem.

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