Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day Two of the Tony Clennell Workshop

We continued at a quick pace again today, with a lot of throwing.  I had time only for trimming one cup (we'll put handles on tomorrow) between all the new assignments.

For the three shallow bowls, we threw and attached a top, and then threw / altered the edge also.  I was so busy I didn't even get photos of all the pieces.  The first one was given a jagged edge, which became a mountain scene.  Here is Tony's in progress :
It was also get trimmed on the bottom and a pedestal foot attached.  We threw the foot today, and will attach it tomorrow.  Here is my rendition of the mountain bowl :

The second one was a double-rimmed bowl with a large handle.  This is a finished sample :
Tony demo'd adding the top and throwing the double rim :
...and then throwing the "celery" handle (so named for its profile), which will be cut in half and combined together :
He also had us throw another pedestal base.  Here is my version, with the top added, and with pinched double rim :

To the third we added a top with a gallery which extends out from the pot (instead of inward, as I've always seen a gallery thrown).  I didn't get photos of this one, but I did take photos of the lid which Tony threw, upside down, and will trim tomorrow :
It will also have a pedestal base.

Then the final demo was to throw the neck and form a spout on top of that belly of a jug which we threw yesterday.  After that, the jug is attached to the foot, which is still on the bat (for additional stability, while the whole thing is trimmed).  Here is Tony's jug :
We'll see how soon we can finish our pieces tomorrow, and then he will likely give us some more projects.  I feel pretty good about how much I've been able to keep up, being a relative newbie at throwing, among a class of experts.  It has been a really enjoyable challenge for me.

I will go now and have a hot shower (I'd have a hot bath if I wasn't so lazy, and thought there may be still enough hot water available).  My arms are very sore, but it has been worth it, and I have learned lots.  I can't wait until the final round tomorrow.

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