Monday, June 12, 2017

Day Three of the Tony Clennell Workshop

When I got home yesterday, I was too exhausted even to post photos.  Good thing I had a massage booked for this morning, before work, since I was also in some pain.  It was a very intense, but exhilarating three days.  I didn't come close to finishing my 8 pieces, but then again, neither did any of the other students.  So I was glad that I was able to keep up the pace with so many experienced potters.

I was looking through the photos, and although we worked hard yesterday, we don't have much to show for our progress.  We had time consuming tasks to do, such as trimming and attaching bases to our big pots :
Tony Clennell workshop, June 2017.
Although it didn't feel like much progress, it added so much class and function to the pot, being able to reach under and lift it easily.  Tony also demo'd adding handles to his pots.  Here are some of the results :
The handles on the outside of this one were surprising.  They were thrown as a ring on the wheel, which was cut in half, and pushed onto the pot.  The top one was two pulled handles stacked on top of each other, parallel but opposite.  New techniques for me to explore.

This one had the big pulled handle on the top (again, thrown as a ring, but this time combined together).  One the one he was demo'ing (the photo above was the sample piece), he also came back and added another handle just below the pulled handle, off to each side.  I forgot to take another photo afterwards.  He also added a rough slip to the sides of the pot, but I didn't know I liked the effect enough to do that to mine.

Here is the one pot which I actually finished, and left out to dry downstairs :
Tony Clennell inspired ceramic pot in progress, by Lily L.

I forgot to take photos of his mountain pot, but he added double handles to it also.  Here is mine with pedestal, but still missing handles :
Tony Clennell inspired pot in progress, still missing handles, by Lily L.
It doesn't look like it in the photo, but the pedestal is probably twice as tall as would suit the pot.  But I decided not to fiddle with it, and just move on.

I didn't take another photo of my casserole dish, since I added the pedestal, but still need to trim the lid, then add handles all over.  Same with my 4 mugs, I trimmed a couple of them, but need handles.

Then for the big pitcher, I posted Tony's demo piece in the last post, and this was the sample piece :

I couldn't get myself to make a spout on it, as I am so disinterested in the pitcher form, that I decided I will add two handles instead.  I love two handled pots.  Anyhow, here is my big pitcher, in progress :
The first base, I had made some sort of measuring error, and made it too small, and Tony encouraged me to just omit it, but I decided that it was sunny enough to throw another one, as it would dry quickly enough in the sun to be able to assemble it.  I'm glad I did, as I like the look of the pedestal, and it offsets the neck which is too tall for that pot.

Overall, I liked the shape, but it looked too boring, so I decided to use some of that rough groggy slip on this vase.  It gave it a whole new look.  What do you think ? :
Pottery ceramic vase in progress, by Lily L.
We've been invited to come back one day this week to finish up, so I'm glad I didn't make other plans Wednesday.  I think I will need a good portion of the day, to finish everything well.

Oh, and I should mention that in addition to me slipping out twice to sit in on my two wonderful teenagers performing their sax and flute solos at their year-end recitals, our pottery class took a break at noon to enjoy a potluck lunch, and a small birthday celebration for our classmate Cheryl.  I was pleased to be able to pick up my dragon bowl, who had just finished her stint in the student display, and showcase her as part of my chips and salsa and 7 layer dip contribution to the potluck.
Pottery dragon bowl by Lily L, taking part in a potluck lunch.
I think she was really happy to be part of the potluck.
Pottery dragon bowl by Lily L, taking part in a potluck lunch.

We didn't 100% coordinate the birthday surprise, so Cheryl ended up with 3 different cakes : a carrot cake, a lemon cake, and a chocolate-raspberry cake.  But she wasn't complaining, nor were we.  I tried both the carrot cake, and chocolate cake.
What great fun, and a wonderful bunch of people.

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