Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Soda Firing : The Glazing and Anticipation

My long-awaited soda firing workshop started today, with a 4 hour glazing session.  This is the first time soda firing for me, so I was overwhelmed by all the glazes and flashing slips and information, such as : a glaze can be applied on top of a slip, but a slip must not be applied on top of a glaze.

Here are the glazes and shinos and flashing slips we had to choose from (had to break into two photos) :

I thought I had more then enough to fill 2 cubic feet of kiln space, but it turns out I was on the light side.  I had a few more pieces I could have retrieved from the kiln shed, and added, but I had plenty to keep me busy today, with the 12 pieces.

I am hoping there will be good results, and as always, I kept detailed notes of the clay bodies and glazes and slips used, so if I find combinations I like, I will be able to try them again in future.  The loading and start of firing is tomorrow, and we retrieve our piece on Tuesday.  So I wait in eager anticipation.

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