Friday, July 29, 2016

Photos of Finished Porcelain Sculptures

I recently picked up 3 of the 4 pieces from my porcelain workshop with  Tanis Saxby.  I finally took a few photos today, while it was bright.  Although the photos turned out pretty dark, and I'm too lazy to adjust the brightness through editing.

Porcelain Tanis Saxby inspired sculptural bowl by Lily L.
This is the biggest piece, and the first one I created.  It started as a thrown bowl, which I then deformed and shaped into what I consider a floral shape, although it was interesting that someone in my class thought it looked like something from the ocean.  I'm pretty pleased.  Originally it was going to be a wall hanging, but I didn't figure out the logistics of how to hang it, and anyhow, I think the interest is mainly from the open side, so I think it would be better to sit on a low table, where it can be viewed from all sides.

Small porcelain Tanis Saxby inspired sculptural bowl by Lily L.
I threw a few small bowls, to make the center ball for my bigger pieces.  This was one of the extra  bowls, which I deformed into a pleasant shape. 

Small unglazed porcelain bowl by Lily L.
This was also an extra "center" bowl, which I let firm up for some while.  I could have wet it to deform it, but I instead just did a bit of decorative carving, and left it as a small bowl.

All three pieces were fired to cone 6, and unglazed.  As I mentioned before, I am a bit disappointed with the off-white colour, but they are still quite pleasant.  Although I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be top sellers if I had to sell my pottery to make a living.

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