Tuesday, July 5, 2016

At It Again : Headless African Man

I had so much fun and so enjoyed the results of my little African man, that I couldn't help myself but to try again tonight.  This time I decided to make him a little taller, and got myself a bit more organized with a folded cardboard ahead of time (rather than improvising with a paper roll and Triscuit crackers box while I quickly assembled a more suitable support.

Funny, but it didn't go quite as well.  I had my cardboard all measured out and folded, and measured the slab of clay compared to the cardboard support...
Clay / pottery African sculpture in progress, by Lily L.

...but when I draped it over, it was a bit short, and the edge a bit too harsh, so the clay started to split at top...  I did my best to repair it, and think it will hold.  But I've left it to firm up overnight (covered in plastic) before I attempt any further manipulation :
Clay / pottery African sculpture in progress, by Lily L.
I like this photo, my first little African man looking on, as the other starts to emerge.  I really like the pattern on the second robe, which is apparently called a boubou or bubu.

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