Monday, July 11, 2016

Just Coasting and Enjoying Now

It looked like I wouldn't make it to pottery this Wednesday, so I attended open workshop on Sunday.  it was a beautiful day, finishing up some of my items which were on the go, and enjoying the company of friends.  A perfect Sunday afternoon.

It has been a while since the Porcelain Workshop with Tanis Saxby.  So I was happy to be able to clean up and complete my 4 pieces.  One was too dry to stamp, so I just carved my name on the bottom.  They are all now awaiting bisque firing :
Porcelain sculptures by Lily L.

Tanis Saxby inspired porcelain sculpture by Lily L.
I plan to leave the two large pieces unglazed, so I hope they will be stark white after the cone 6 firing.  I haven't thought about the two smaller pieces yet.  I may want to glaze them inside, and leave the outside pure white.  That could look pretty nice.

I forgot to take photos of my 3 big pieces from the Bob Kingsmill workshop, but I cleaned up all 3 and also took down the 2 masks for bisque firing.  Here is one of them, which I did take another photo of.  It amused me that another student came by and commented that they had beautiful lips.  I was thinking the same myself :
Bob Kingsmill inspired tree man mask, by Lily L.

The big dragon bowl / boat, I have left to dry more slowly just in case.  I wouldn't want her to lose a head or tail.

Speaking of broken body parts, one of my African men lost a finger while transporting him from home to the kiln shed.  I was very proud of myself that I just let it be, without agonizing or trying to repair it.  He is simply an African man with one missing finger.  That adds to the mystique.  You'll have to ask him for the story...

So other than the dragon mask drying on my kitchen counter, I have all my pieces done, or at least in the bisque firing, and I think I have enough pieces to choose from, for the soda firing later this month, so I can attend drop in workshops whenever I am able, but I don't feel under pressure.  After all it's summer, and I'm just coasting and enjoying now.

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