Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finished Glazing

Today I thought I'd finish glazing and start a few new pieces.  But I spent the full 4 hours glazing my remaining pieces, the dragon mask, the hatching dragons, the African men, and a few odds and ends which have been around all summer.

Here's the dragon mask before glazing over the eyes :
And the African men, each in a colourful robe or "boubou" :
A few people commented on my "patience".  I think that was a polite way of saying that I spent way too much time diddling around with these.  But this is the part I enjoy.  The details.  The brushing and sponging off, and the layering of glazes.  I can't wait to see if all my efforts were worth the time.

I am at a crossroads now, with only two weeks left before the Christmas break.  Do I start new pieces?  Or do I take an early break from pottery, and plan for a strong start again in January?  I would have liked to have softened and worked some of my clay, at least, since I have several partially filled bags hardening in the garage and basement.  Perhaps I should just go in and clean up my clay, and make a few small pieces.  We'll see.

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