Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finished Dragon and Other Items from the Fall Session

Continuing on from my other finished ceramics from this Fall session, here are my dragon related items.

Beautiful ceramic dragon mask by Lily L.
7) I'll post more photos of my second dragon mask once I glue on the missing horn.  It came off before the piece was bisque, but I have finished it along with the mask, so I just need to buy some epoxy, and she'll be done.  Then I hope to hang her on the wall beside my first dragon mask, in my "dragon" corner of the family room.  This one I intentionally made a bit darker, finishing the Little John clay with Kingsmill wash, and then a touch of Black under/overglaze on the cheeks and eyelids.  The eyes are finished with Reeves Green underglaze, Black under/overglaze, and Clear glaze.

Ceramic / stoneware dragon hatching from an egg, by Lily L.
8) I think this is my favourite of the three dragon hatchlings - so far.  See this post for the making of this dragon hatchling.  The dragon part is Little John clay, and the egg is WSO sculptural clay.  The eyes are Reeves Green and Black coated in Clear glaze, and the body (and inside and edge of the egg) was sprayed with Celadon (this latest formulation called "Pumice Celadon").  I like the shiny lizard like skin contrasting with the matte egg.

Here are a few more views of this piece :
Ceramic / stoneware dragon hatching from an egg, by Lily L.

Ceramic / stoneware dragon hatching from an egg, by Lily L.
9) This is the smallest and first attempt at a dragon hatchling.  Both the egg and the dragon are made from Little John Clay, which is a bit too dark for the egg, in my opinion.  The eye is Reeves Green and Black coated in Clear glaze.  The remainder of the dragon is unglazed, highlighted only with some Black under/overglaze.

Ceramic / stoneware dragon hatching from an egg, by Lily L.
10) This little hatchling turned out to be pretty sweet.  She looks like she can barely fit in the egg that she's busting out of.  Here, the egg and dragon are both Little John, but I like the contrast between the unglazed egg and the Celadon glazed dragon (with accents in Black underglaze prior to glazing).  As before, the eyes are Reeves Green and Black coated in Clear Glaze.

And finally, a few more items which I threw some while ago, and finally glazed and finished them now :

Amber Celadon ceramic vessel with gecko, by Lily L.
11) You'll see that I made this pot with gecko back in April 2016.  I held off glazing a few pieces, since I thought I might use them in the soda firing, but didn't.  This one was thrown from 3000 g of grey clay, and the gecko hand built and attached.  I highlighted the texture on the lizard with Black underglaze, and then glazed it in Amber Celadon, which is a bit dark, but picks up the texture fairly well.  I like the double ringed foot.

Blue and Celadon ceramic vase by Lily L.
12) This vase was thrown from 2500 g of P570 white clay, with a bit of yellow clay marbled in.  It was just too "ordinary" for me, so I created a pattern in pinstriping tape, dipped it in Deep Blue, and then sprayed it with Celadon.  It bears my "signature" triple foot.  I really like that foot.


  1. Lily, these are beautiful! I just love this:

    Beautiful work <3

  2. Thanks Melanie! Glad you enjoyed it!