Monday, November 14, 2016

Another Dragon Mask

Tonight I was too tired to do homework from the office, and instead of watching Chef Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" series on YouTube, I decided to pull out my remaining partial bag of Little John clay (and a bit of P570 white which I mixed in), and make another dragon mask.

I usually spend a lot of time, making precision details, but tonight I challenged myself to use rough strokes, and create an imperfect mask fairly quickly.  I think I succeeded.  My main texturing tool was my thumb and thumbnails.  What do you think?
Dragon mask formed from "Little John" clay by Lily L - work in progress.
I tried to make him a bit different than my first two masks (and see the first finished dragon mask here).  Of course, there are similarities in the eyes, and eyebrows.  But I think I managed to make a different dragon.  I would have liked to add a few jagged teeth, but I wasn't sure I wanted to start fiddling with that.  Maybe my fourth dragon should have some wicked looking teeth.

I will need to let it dry a bit, and then carve away some of the weight, as I think I was pretty heavy on applying the clay.   But otherwise not bad for one night's work.  :-)

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