Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Few More Items on the Go

Today I decided to go into the studio, although the bisque deadline is Monday, so I'll need to go in Sunday to finish up these pieces, to get them done this term.  Mostly I wanted to revive some clay which has been sitting in the garage for too long, and was too stiff to throw.

I had a full bag of P570 white clay, and a partial bag of P600 porcelain and WSO sculptural clay.  I revived and threw most of it, with only a bit of the P570 remaining at the end of the day.

Here are the 7 items I threw :
It's a pretty mixed bag.  Some of it was intentional, since I was practicing different techniques (narrow neck, hollow rim, etc), but part of it was that I haven't thrown much in this past year (I've been doing lots of hand building lately), so I just decided on what I was throwing as I went along, based on how the vessel was working out.  For example, that one with the decorative (sort of floral) edges, was a bowl which was too imperfect, so I decided to make it look intentional.  One of those vases was supposed to be an egg, but I seemed to run out of clay before I could close it.  But they all turned out okay.

I look forward to a session (Sunday, I guess) of trimming and maybe doing some decorating / embellishing.  Then if I'm lucky, I'll have one more session (next Wed) to glaze, and these will make it through this term also.

Today Linda was loading up the gas kiln, and I'm hoping many of my glazed pieces will make it into this firing.  If so, I could be picking them up next week already.  Stay tuned.

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