Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sake Cups and Other Fun

Today's class focused on small cups, for sake or tea or whiskey or whatever one would drink from a small cup...  Jay demo'd various different variations, most of them meant to look imperfect and fluid, like a mini version of a tea bowl.  Apparently potters refer to them as "guinomi" which translates to "one gulp", although Jay said he spoke with a Japanese person, and this is not a term they use for those vessels.

Speaking of Japanese, there was a very nice Japanese lady in the drop in workshop this afternoon.  She has only been in Canada for 4 months, so her English is not strong.  I wish I had installed my Google Translator app, so I could have better communicated with her.  I installed it tonight, so I'll be ready if she comes next week.

Anyhow, back to the sake cups.  I made these 8 :

Looking at these closer :
The one at front was thrown and then a course groggy slip applied.  The two at back were thrown and then deliberately pushed out to look wonky.  The one on left was thrown with a few strips of the yellow clay marbled in.

The two at front were thrown and then a pattern applied by roller (while pressing from the inside).  I also dented the left one with a wooden stick.  The one at back left was also thrown wonky, and dented with a stick.
This one was a nice marbled cup, but then I decided to also apply a pattern, using one of Jay's handmade rollers.  I think it was a bit too wet at the time, it was sticky and the pattern didn't apply very distinctly, but it still is an interesting effect.  Most if not all the cups will require their feet to be trimmed next week, so it will be a busy class.

In addition to the cups, I altered the rims of the double rimmed vessel and the one with a flopped top, from last week.  Then I went on to throw three more big spherical shapes (but didn't remember to take a photo), which I will pierce like the recent one, if I have time.  This time I used sculptural clay, in case I want to include them in the raku firing.  We'll see if I can get them done in time.  Time is ticking...

I also trimmed a number of my pieces from last week.  So I have lots on the go.  I was happy to see that many of the beer mugs / steins have come through the bisque firing, and the yellow clay has turned into a beautiful reddish color.  I think these will turn out very nice, if I can find the right glazes to let the pattern show through.

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