Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Exploring More Shapes

Today I spent the morning glazing many of my pieces which came through the bisque firing.  Then I decided to throw a few more.  Unfortunately, I'll need to trim them before I can start playing with carving.
Ceramic pottery wheelthrown and altered pots in progress.
The one at front was an attempt at making a double-walled vessel, which actually succeeded.  So I will be able to carve / pierce the outer spherical section, without damaging the inner section, which could hold water.  That's the concept.

The one at the back is my favourite shape at the moment, the sphere.  If I feel up to it, I'll make more pierced vessels, like the one in this post.  The one to the right is a variant of it, with a small hole in the bottom, and coming to a point at top.  I love this shape also.  It may even become a very nice topper for another garden totem.

The one on the left was an attempt to make yet another variation, but the walls became thin and soft, and I lost a bit of control over the piece.  I had recovered from that, but still ended up with the rim being a bit uneven.  So I'd need to carve or alter it in some way, to make it look intentional.  I decided to make a large warpy bowl to match the small warpy cups I just made recently.  I really like the result.

Then I went on to try another double-walled vessel, a much larger version.  I was doing fairly well, and was getting the walls pretty close, but not quite in contact, when the outer wall became weak and started collapsing.  I tried to revive it, but could see it wouldn't make it.  So I squished the outer wall to meet the inner, and ended up with this shape :
Double-walled ceramic pottery vessel which didn't quite succeed.
I think it has some potential.  For example, I could add a clay "tie" around the top, and make it look like a sack which was being tied to the inner vase.  It could even be functional, holding water and flowers.  We'll see.

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