Friday, December 5, 2014

Final Batch of Finished Fall Ceramics

Okay, here are the final pieces which I picked up Wednesday, all handmade from grey stoneware, and all stamped with my signature stamp (unless otherwise noted).

Unique handmade pottery / stoneware dish with swirly design.
#22 - This little bowl turned out very sweet.  It features a pattern stamped with one of my handmade stamps.  I then added a rim with the little rolled up decorations, to match the swirly pattern.  (See this post for a photo of it in progress.)  The timing didn't work for me to add a proper foot on it, since it was not dry enough that same session, and the following session it was too dry.  So I didn't manage to stamp this piece with my signature stamp.  It was glazed in Deep Blue, which was rubbed off with a sponge, and then the inside was sprayed Clear.

Unique handmade pottery / stoneware double walled thrown vase with multiple chambers.
#23 - This is one of the 2 pieces I attempted to throw as a double-walled vessel, but couldn't quite get the two walls to join, so I just pinched it into shape, so it results in a 5 chambered vase with funky shape.  (See this post for in progress photos.)  I dipped it in Ash Yellow (inside and out), then Tam's Green, then Deep Blue.  It is less refined than many of my pieces, but I like the overall result, and the areas where the glazes seemed to run.

Nice handmade pottery / stoneware thrown vase with wax resist design.
#24 - I really like the round shape of this wheel thrown bowl.  The inside is finished in Tam's Green.  The outside is Ash Yellow, then I added a pattern in wax resist, and then finished in Tam's Green.  As shown in this post, the wax didn't resist very much, so the pattern appears slight and fluid.  I think if I used latex, I would have achieved a sharper (although perhaps still somewhat fluid) pattern.  Generally it is a pretty good result, but a bit more relaxed than I am used to creating.

Unique handmade pottery / stoneware dish with swirly design inside and deep blue glaze.
#25 - I like this little upright shaped bowl.  The inside was filled with black slip, and spiralled with my finger.  I splashed / poured a random pattern on the outside with Ash Yellow, then finished it in Deep Blue glaze.  I like that the spirals inside still show through the Deep Blue, and the Ash Yellow shows through a bit on the outside.

Unique handmade pottery / stoneware dish with stamped leaf design.
#26 - This large bowl turned out nicely.  The imprints are of three leaves from my Davidii involucrata tree (dove tree).  The leaves are painted with Green over(under)glaze, then wiped with a fine sponge.  The rim and outside are finished in Matt Green, then inside sprayed Clear.  It is interesting how many freckles show through from this grey stoneware.  In past I did more work with the white stoneware, which doesn't show such strong freckling.  I don't know which one I prefer.  They both have their merits.

Unique handmade pottery / stoneware double-walled thrown vase with faux jewel design.
#27 - The glazing on this vase turned out as well as I had hoped, and much better than I had expected.  It was the other piece I attempted to throw as double-walled, and didn't make it too far.  But I still intended to carve the outer wall.  But rather than carve through, I just carved the jewel-like shapes into the wall (see this post for photos).  They are glazed with Deep Blue and Tenmoku, and then sprayed Clear.  I like how the blue "jewels" seem to pop out, and are so shiny.

There is another piece which I can't post yet, since it will be a Christmas gift.  But I did want to post a couple of photos for my sister Rose.  I finally glazed the remaining pieces from the one drop-in session she attended with me in the summer.  I think they turned out pretty good, and especially since this was her first and only attempt at playing with clay.
Unique handmade pottery / ceramic coaster and bowl with Mickey Mouse design.
The top item is a Mickey shaped "coaster".  She made three of them, which amazingly survived both firings, and didn't lose any ears.  They are glazed on top in Tenmoku, and unglazed underneath.  The bottom item is a small candy dish, with Mickey shapes adorning it, as well as a ringed foot.  Looking at it now, I'm really surprised she could create this in her first session, and it held together so well.  Also glazed in  Tenmoku, which is such a wonderful dark chocolate color, and "breaks" really nicely as milk chocolate on the edges.

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