Friday, January 9, 2015

Mickey Bowl Christmas Surprise

I wasn't able to post it earlier, because one of my ceramics from the Fall was a bowl which I wanted to surprise my sister with at Christmas.  She loves Mickey Mouse, and seems to like my ceramics, so I knew she would appreciate it.  Here is a few different views of the bowl :
#28 - It started out as a bowl with 8 Mickey Mouse heads, but during the process of drying, one of the Mickeys popped off, and then it dropped and broke on the floor.  The bowl turned out okay, since that provides a nice spot to hold the bowl.  I played a little with the foot also, making it a Mickey Mouse shape.  It thought that was quite clever.  The Mickeys and the back are finished in Tenmoku, and then the bowl was sprayed in Clear glaze.  It's interesting that the grey clay finishes so speckled, but I think that the speckles go nicely with the Tenmoku.

Here it is, put to good use holding chocolates on my sister's granite island :
It looks like I should have made her a bigger bowl!  :-)

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