Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Large Banana Leaf Platter

I picked up my remaining ceramics from this past session this evening.  It's too late to take photos and post them tonight, but I wanted to post one.  This was the large banana leaf platter I started during the summer, made from a real banana leaf (see also posts about how they were mysteriously cut down, but managed to regrow).

It's a big platter, some 21" long and 10" wide.  I'm very pleased with the result :
Large handmade ceramic stoneware platter, made from real banana leaf.
#21 - The top photo shows the large platter beside its smaller buddy, which was finished in Oatmeal and Tam's Green glazes, brushed onto the leaves (see also this post).  For the large one, I used Oatmeal and Tam's Green and Matt Green.  I was more careful to use long strokes, so it doesn't have the choppy look which the smaller one has.  Both of them worked out quite well, I think, and are quite functional.  I have been using the smaller one to hold bunches of bananas (since it's a banana leaf - get it?) on the kitchen counter.

The remainder of the pieces had some good and bad surprises, as always with glazing.  Stay tuned for more photos soon.

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  1. These look great in the photos, but even better in person! I love how banana leaves hold bananas. And I'm impressed how many bananas you and your family can consume! ;)