Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teapots in Transit and Dragons in Waiting

I was happy that my spotty teapot (#16 from the Pots that Pour class) found a good home with Miranda C, a very talented musician and handmade pottery enthusiast.  She is planning to move soon, and looking for a new house, but sent me this photo of my teapot, waiting for its new home :
I hope all will go well Miranda, with your finding and moving to a new home!

Today when I walked into the kiln shed, to try to finish as many pieces as I can, being the last class in my Clay Sampler course, I saw my dragon head looking at me from the shelf, waiting patiently to go into the kiln for bisque firing.  I should have taken a photo of her there, she looked so sweet.  So I glazed most of my other pieces, and will glaze her next time I have a chance to drop by the studio again, which will likely be in two weeks.

The good thing is that I sprayed two other decorative pieces for my garden, with the Very Black stain which I am thinking to use on my sea dragon.  So hopefully these will go into the Cone 10 firing, and I will be able to see what the stain looks like, before I decide whether it will suit my dragon.

If I do go ahead with the black stain, I'm thinking of naming her Shadow Splash.  What do you think?  It is completely dark on the water, and all you hear is a sudden splash, and see a flash of movement in the shadows, and then there are only ripples to hint that something is out there...  We'll see what color I choose for her, and what she looks like when stained / finished.  Stay tuned.

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