Friday, May 23, 2014

Ancient Ceramic Goddess

I haven't yet posted ceramics photos from our trip to China in March, but one of the things which impressed me during the trip was how long ceramic creations can last.  For example, we visited an ancient site where there were preserved remains of a 6,000 year old civilization, and in the burial sites, there were ceramic pots, a bit cracked and broken, but still largely intact, at the feet of the ancients.  Wow.  Apparently, the status of the person was indicated by how many pots they were buried with.  Some had 3 or 4 pots, presumably for use in the afterlife.

I just received some ceramic "pins" on Pinterest tonight (originally from this Tumblr page), and this one impressed me :
It is an ancient ceramic (painted terra cotta) depiction of an Egyptian goddess or priestess, from 3650 - 3300 BC.  I instantly loved her.  Not only does she looks triumphant, but she has massive hips, just like me. You go girl!

On the flip side, ceramics can break when dropped.  This little face didn't even make it to the bisque firing, I dropped him yesterday as I was loading pieces onto the shelves in the kiln shed, and his eyebrow was knocked off.  I never did love him enough, so he ended up in the recycled clay slop bin (after I tried sanding down the broken part, but realized that I'd never really restore his original good looks) :

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  1. It was actually still ok after you dropped it, there was a kind of "Hmmmmm..." in its expression!