Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dragon for the Garden

I finished the ceramic dragon head today, and it turned out even better than I had hoped.  I was imagining a sort of scowling fierce dragon, but when I added the eyes, suddenly a beautiful and intelligent creature - most likely a female dragon - appeared.   So I gave her blue/green eyes, to match mine.  :-)

Here she is at the end of class (note that the brownish line in the center of the eye is actually black slip, not brown, and the blue is not visible on top of the green, but hopefully should come out nicely in the firing) :

I would have liked to line her up with the rest of her body, but it has already gone into the kiln for bisque firing :
In the photo, the colour looks different, but it is using the same type of clay, referred to as "B-Mix".  It is really ornery stuff to work with for sculpturing, and impossible (at least for me) to throw on the wheel, but has a firmness with makes it suitable for extrusion, which is how the body parts were formed.  If anyone read my previous post, the "failed" attempt at a head also came in handy, since the top part of it was cut and used as the lower jaw of the final head.  I'm intrinsically lazy, so alter and re-use as much as I can.

I plan to spray the whole dragon black (not a glaze, but some sort of stain which is suitable for outdoors).  With the exception of the blue/green eyes, of course.

May 16 : I am already starting to prepare the garden for her arrival.


  1. This is my favourite piece!

  2. Behrcat - Thanks so much for reading through my blog, and for your encouraging comments! I hope to see you Wed.