Friday, May 12, 2017

Surprise Ceramic Mug Encounter

I have switched massage therapist a few times over the years, not because each one has not been wonderful, but because my schedule didn't allow me to continue.  Today I had yet another therapist, Sharon, filling in for my new regular therapist, Rosanna.

After Sharon had left the room and I was pulling myself back together to face the day, I noticed a handmade mug at the corner of the sink, and instantly recognized it as one of mine, from my early days.  When I picked it up, my stamp on the bottom confirmed it.
I had given it as a gift to Heiko, a former therapist.  He has since moved out of town, so I haven't seen him at the clinic for some while.  I asked Sharon about the mug, and told her this was one of mine from my early days.  She told me that when she comes into the clinic in the morning, she likes to claim this mug, as it is one of her favourites.  Wow.  Pretty cool story.

I looked back, and this mug (#6 in this post) was made in 2013, in my second pottery course, and given to Heiko soon after.  Fun.  I can't wait until I get more of my work "out there" so I can run into it on occasion.  It is such a nice surprise.

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