Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Really Near the End Now

Today was the last class in Jay's course, so all my classmates were glazing today.  I have held off, since I want to ensure I have enough pieces for the soda firing.  I will be glazing for the soda firing this weekend.  Then if any pieces (I'm expecting 3 or 4) don't make it in, then I will glaze those in a subsequent workshop.

Since I threw those 6 pieces from the soda clay late last week, and only trimmed one of them, I trimmed the remaining 5 pieces.  I was pretty pleased with the results.

I had lots of time to trim the 5 pieces, so focused on doing a good job, and finishing them well.  Although I wondered with some of them whether the finely trimmed foot was too much of a contrast with the scratched and altered body.  But I do like a foot which is smooth and sits nicely on the table.

Since the clay was still very soft, I ended up doing my usual hybrid trimming / throwing approach, and forcing the rims dry with the heat gun.  (As well as the bottoms, once trimmed, so they wouldn't be damaged by setting them onto the wooden boards.)

Here are some views of the feet, as I finished trimming them :

I was trimming on a small chuck which I had thrown from Big White sculptural clay, which was quite gritty, and which I finally coated with a bit of the smooth porcelain soda clay, so that it didn't make so much damage to the rims of the cups.  So when I was done, I moistened that clay, and threw an egg, and brought it home.  We'll see if something hatches from that.  :-)

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