Saturday, April 8, 2017

More Finished Items : Nearly All Now

Continuing with my finished pieces from the Spring Ahead course, I have nearly all of them now.  These are some of the latest pieces.

36) This little piece was thrown from P570 white clay, and when trimming, I ended up chattering the sides.  So I decided to glaze with Amber Celadon, to show the texture.  The glaze behaved beyond my expectation.  The result is smooth to the touch, but with a beautiful visual texture.  I'm very pleased with this result.

 37) This big open bowl was thrown from a mix of P600 porcelain and WSO sculptural clay.  It is glazed in Khaki (reformulated to be brighter than before, I'm not sure I like the new colour yet), and then Copper Red.  It is an interesting result, with quite a bit of crazing and variation in colours.  I like the visible rings from throwing, and the double/triple foot.  All around a pretty good result.

38) This little bottle was thrown from a reclaimed mix of P570 white, H550 grey, and various other clays mixed in, including the Willamette Yellow.  There is some nice marbling of the clay, but the Celadon glaze (sprayed on) dulls the impact.  Still not a bad result.

39) Last but not least, this sweet hatching dragon may be may favourite so far.  He is formed from Big White sculptural clay, which is quite gritty.  His features are highlighted in Red, Black, and Forest Green underglazes, and then he is sprayed with Celadon glaze, and the egg sprayed White.  He has a really nice weight to him, the egg texture is beautiful, I couldn't be more pleased.

What I'm missing is a photo of the big obelisk shaped piece which I brought home and immediately took outside, to become the base of one of my garden totems.  So I don't remember if I even took photos of it.  I'll need to get out there one day when it's not raining (that's so April in Vancouver!) and take some photos.

If my notes are correct, I seem to have 2 remaining pieces which I never did find on the pick up shelves, and then one little sodium silicate vessel on student display. So hopefully they will all come home with me soon.  In the meantime, I'll be back at pottery again tomorrow, creating more in my Soda course with Fredi.  I've got so many ideas of things I'd like to try, I don't know what to start first.  But at some point, I will need to settle down and create some pieces which are worthy of and suited to the soda firing.

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