Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More Finished Vases and Vessels from my Mud in Your Eye Course

Continuing from my previous post of Bartmann jugs and my leaf imprint vase, here are a few more of my finished items from this term (both from the course, as well as my own projects from the open workshop).  Starting with three vases, which were similar to my beloved spherical shapes, but I decided to finish them with a straight neck :

One at a time :
Ceramic vase in Celadon and Clear glazes, by Lily L.
26) This vase was thrown from 1200 g of Plainsman 570 white clay.  I finished it with a swirl of throwing lines on the outside.  It is trimmed and stamped, and glazed with Celadon inside and on the rim, and then sprayed with Clear.

Ceramic vase in Amber Celadon and Deep Blue, by Lily L.
27) This vase was thrown from 1300 g of white clay, accenting the neck with throwing lines, then trimmed and stamped, and glazed with Amber Celadon inside and on the rim, then Deep Blue on the bottom.

Ceramic vase in Amber Celadon and Deep Blue, by Lily L.
28) This vase was thrown from 1500 g white clay, accenting the neck with throwing lines, trimmed and stamped.  It is glazed in Amber Celadon inside and on the top part, then overlapped with Deep Blue at the bottom.  I like those deep, rich colours.  I also like the rotund shape.

Double-rimmed ceramic vase by Lily L.
29) This vase was thrown from 110 g of sculptural clay, since I was originally planning to make some pieces for horsehair raku firing.  But then I found out that the raku firing would only be for glazing, at which point I changed my approach, and ended up making these pierced and carved pieces for raku instead.  Anyhow, this one has a double rim which I then pinched, to create a pleasing result.  It is trimmed and stamped, and glazed in Deep Blue on the rim, Amber Celadon on the outside, and then sprayed Clear inside and outside.  The colour is a bit more vibrant than what appears in the photos.

Ceramic vase by Lily L.
30) When I threw this from 1100 g sculptural clay, I was also thinking some sort of raku firing, and testing the limits of the clay, how far I could flatten the top part before it collapsed.  Then once it had firmed up a bit, I pulled up the clay and made the undulating / ruffled top.  It is trimmed and stamped, and finished with Deep Blue inside and on top, and then Amber Celadon on the bottom (can you say favourite glaze combination?)

Ceramic creation by Lily L.
31) When I threw this piece from 1800 g sculptural clay, I was trying for a double walled vessel which I could raku fire.  I got pretty close to bringing the two walls together, but then it started collapsing on me, so I instead pulled in the outside wall and decided to salvage the whole thing by making it look intentional, adding a cord (the ends of the tie broke off) tied loosely around the sack.  I can't say I really like the final product, but it was an interesting experiment, and who knows, maybe someone will find this interesting...  I have a note that it was trimmed, although it must have only been to lighted up the edges, and was glazed in Carbon Trap Shino.  I like the colours.

Beautiful wheelthrown and altered marbled ceramic vase in Carbon Trap Shino, by Lily L.
32) Of all the pieces which I experimented with, marbling the iron oxide rich Yellow clay into my P570 white clay, this is the one which yielded the most interesting and satisfying result.  I love how those bands of iron oxide seem to bubble and burn through the Carbon Trap Shino, and give not only a colour but texture to the surface.  It started as 800 g of clay, and was thrown pretty similarly to my weisen cups (see this previous post), but then I decided to try the "medieval" base which our instructor demonstrated.  It turned out pretty nicely, so I decided to undulate the rim to match the foot.  It also has a sprig of the yellow clay added.  Love this rich iron oxide.  Almost looks like rust.

Here are a few more angles on this little beauty :
Beautiful marbled ceramic vase in Carbon Trap Shino, by Lily L.
I like the cross formed on the bottom by the yellow clay.  It has turned a very beautiful rich brown.  Did I mention that I really like the colours and textures of this piece?

Double-walled ceramic stoneware vase with heart pattern, by Lily L.
33) Finally for this evening, this little piece was my second and successful attempt at throwing a double-walled vessel, this time from 1000 g sculptural clay.  The double walls allowed me to cut the heart shapes from the outer wall, while allowing this to still be used as a vase (or candy holder, or whatever).  I like the effect.  It is trimmed and stamped and glazed in Bamboo.

According to my notes, there are 4 more items to be picked up from the next glaze firing, at next opportunity, which should be this weekend.  I also have another 5 pieces which I set aside for soda or raku or other reasons.  So I was very busy and productive this term!  I'll have to start building more shelves.  :-)

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