Thursday, December 10, 2015

Favourites from the Fall Term

I'm missing pottery already.  It feels like I'm going into a long dark winter, deprived of gardening and pottery (except I have some clay in the garage, so we'll see...).  So to cheer myself, I have assembled photos of my favourite pieces from this past term.  Okay, maybe just a photo recap of most of my pieces.  But I enjoy looking at them.  I hope you do too.

Beautiful leaf imprinted ceramic / pottery vessels by Lily L.
Where to start?  With some pieces which were not related to my course.  I was delighted to discover this new technique, which captures the beauty of real leaves, and get one of my pieces selected for a student display, also.  See more, including in-progress shots, here, and here, and here, and here.

Beautiful negro woman ceramic sculpture by Lily L.
My first really large sculptural piece.  Her name is "Sedna", and she has gone to live with Miranda Clingwall, who loved her at first sight.  I am really pleased with all the technical difficulties I overcame, just navigating on my own, and the result was pretty successful, even if not a sculpture I would love on my shelves.  See more, including in-progress shots, here, and here, and here.

Beautiful wheel thrown then carved or pierced raku fired pottery by Lily L.
One of the highlights of the term was a one-day raku course, which resulted in these three vessels.  I would LOVE to raku again.

Beautiful replica Bartmann pottery jugs by Lily L.
I didn't make all or even most of the items demonstrated in my "Here's Mud in Your Eye" course, but I did get inspired by the idea of the Bartmann jug, and finished 4 of them, including one selected for a student display.  And I have one tucked away at home, which I will finish and fire at first opportunity in the new year.  I would like to make a few more of these, if I can find the opportunity.

Beautiful ceramic guinomi (sake) or yunomi (tea) cups by Lily L.
The class which I did enjoy was the one where we made "wabi sabi" (intentionally imperfect) guinomi (sake) or yunomi (tea) cups.  I think a number of them turned out really sweet.  I hope I will have the opportunity to try a few more in future, and maybe make a small set of "matching" ones.

Beautiful handmade wheel thrown and altered pottery by Lily L.
Finally, a few miscellaneous pieces which also turned out pretty nicely.

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