Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pottery on Student Display at Shadbolt Center

I was honored to have my little fern imprint vase (#9 in previous post) selected for a student display in the outside display window of the pottery studio.  It wasn't there last weekend when I checked, but I was pleased to see it today, and surprised to see that a second piece was also on display, one of my Bartmann jugs.

Here it is with the setting sun on it :
Ceramic Bartmann (Bellarmine) jug in Amber Celadon by Lily L.
...and then later in the evening, illuminated only by artificial light :
Ceramic Bartmann (Bellarmine) jug in Amber Celadon by Lily L.
13) This small Bartmann jug (see them in progress here) was thrown from 1200g of P570 white clay, and then embellished with extra clay and slip.  Unfortunately, the poor fellow has a cracked bottom, even though I trimmed him somewhat (and stamped him too).  His beard and facial features were touched with a bit of "Bob Kingsmill" iron oxide based stain, before glazing him with Amber Celadon.  I love the deepness of the color, and the way the glaze breaks nicely on the leaves and other embellishments.  Fortunately, I had already glazed and picked up my decorative goblet (#12 in this post), so I knew the Amber Celadon would be a great choice.

I also got a better photo of my fern imprint vase (#9 in this post), this one golden from the setting sun:
Fern imprint stoneware vase by Lily L.
I then picked up 20 more of my finished items, nearly all of them now.  Next post.

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