Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Raku Results : Naked Raku Pot

I've already posted some of my horsehair raku vessels and glazed raku pieces.  One of the other techniques we tried in our recent raku pottery course was naked raku.  Since it is a tricky process, we each only made one item.  This photo was taken before I waxed the piece, showing the dramatic difference in color from the piece when dry (left) and when doused with water (right) :
Naked raku pottery - a turquoise vase with black stripe pattern - showing effects of water on the color.

So I knew this piece would benefit from waxing, which it did.  I may even try to apply more wax, there are some areas which still appear to be "dry".  Or perhaps I need to scrub down these areas more carefully.  We'll see.  Here's another view of that piece, after waxing :
Naked raku pottery - nice result, a turquoise vase with black stripe pattern.
9) This vase was finished in turquoise terra sig.  Masking tape was applied to form the pattern of lines, before brushing on the sacrificial slip.  Then when the tape was pulled off, it was touched up by brush to replace small bits of the slip which was pulled off inadvertently.  I am glad the slip stayed on well, and provided that beautiful crackle pattern, and the pot has a lovely unglazed feel to it.  If I had done a better job of finishing while throwing and polishing with terra sig, I think it would be even more smooth and beautiful.  If I have opportunity again, I think I would like to make another naked raku piece.

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