Thursday, June 11, 2015

Raku Lady on Display and Garden Head out in the Garden

Even while my big swirly platter is still on display at Shadbolt, my raku lady (see end of this post) is now on display as well, in the glass case on the outside of the pottery studio building.  Pretty cool.

Student exhibit raku pottery pieces on display at Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby
There are 6 pieces from my Raku Sampler class on display, although I see names of 7 people in my class, so there may be another piece coming soon - a naked raku piece.

Here she is, in closeup :
Raku pottery lady sculpture on display at Shadbolt Center in Burnaby BC

In the garden, I am still working on getting that second totem set up.  I want to buy a rebar rod for it, and I guess I don't have a topper piece for it, although I could take on of my small vases and turn it upside down (except the bottom would be unglazed), or I could even put my raccoon out in the garden, where he really belongs.

In the meantime, I moved my planter head out, and gave him some Black Mondo Grass hair, and surrounded him with creeping thyme :
Peaceful ceramic / pottery garden planter head out in the garden.
 Peaceful ceramic / pottery garden planter head out in the garden, planted with black mondo grass.
He looks very peaceful there, in the shade of a small tree.  I think he enjoys being out there more than on the shelf inside the house.

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