Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Naked Raku Pot - Rewaxed

When I waxed it the first time, I realized there were spots which didn't polish up, and looked dirty.  So I took a metal scrubby and dish soap, and scrubbed these areas.  I found that some of them needed to be scraped.  I used my thumbnail until I wore my thumbnail down, and then I switched to a knife blade, to scrape these rough bits off.  Then I dried the piece and rewaxed it.  Now it is quite uniformly shiny and smooth, and the colors show through beautifully :
Beautiful striped naked raku pottery vessel / vase / ceramic pot.
There's something about this piece, which has strong colors and shine, but is not glazed, which is really appealing.  It has an earthy, natural feel to it.

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