Friday, June 13, 2014

Sgraffito Vases and Extruded Vases from the Clay Sampler Course

One of the joys of being part of a studio in a community arts center is that you get great ideas from other students.  Some of my fellow students were taking a sgraffito workshop, so I decided it would be fun to try my hand at it, too, and the result was these two vases, both of which I am very proud to call my creations.

#11 - This vase was thrown from approximately 1500g of grey stoneware.  The sgraffito is a dogwood pattern, against a swath of Black slip.  It is finished with a spray of Clear glaze on the outside, and dipped / filled with Matt Green inside.

#12 - This vase was thrown from 800g of recycled clay.  The leaf pattern is sgraffito'd into Green slip, and the outside is sprayed with Clear glaze, the inside filled / dipped in Amber Celadon.

#13 - This intentionally twisted extruded vase was created with B-Mix, which is a stiff white stoneware clay.  It is glazed inside and on the top & bottom edges in Matt Green, decorated with dots and lines of Matt Green, and splatterings of Deep Blue glaze, and then the outside dipped in Celadon.

#14 - This vase was from the same extrusion, just a longer piece.  It is also finished with Matt Green glaze inside, but the floral pattern was created with Green and Teal underglaze, and then the outside dipped in Celadon glaze.

There were a few more extruded vases, but still in the kiln when I last checked.  So hopefully I can pick them up later this month.

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