Sunday, June 22, 2014

18 Clay Stamps from the Clay Sampler Course

In the last 2 lessons of the Clay Sampler Course, Charmian showed us various forms of decoration, including some stamping and sprigging.  I have been looking at various stamps online, but not willing to pay for them, so I decided it was about time I created some of my own.  Now that they have been bisque fired, I decided to pull out a soft lump of clay today, and try them out.  I'm very pleased by the result.

I created 9 two-sided stamps, so 18 designs total.  Here is the first set :

...and the second set :

Stepping through these...  The first two include some floral and spiral patterns :

The next two a funky daisy, dragonfly, floral pattern, and starfish :

The next two includes two abstract geometric patterns, and my fossil trilobyte and ammonite stamps :

Then two more abstract floral patterns (I really like that second one!), and a scallop-like geometric pattern :

And finally, another spiral, another abstract floral/fan sort of pattern, and a geometric that got a bit squished, so may not be very useful after all :

I can't wait until ceramics starts up again, and I can find ways to incorporate these stamps into some of my new works.  Stay tuned!

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