Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ceramics : Where are They Now?

I can't wait to finish up my new pieces, and bring them home.  But I know I will need to find loving homes for many of them, since my windowsills are starting to become full, and I don't think I need 4 or 5 teapots!

One of my ceramics enthusiasts is my 15-year-old's flute instructor, Miranda.  She is a talented musician and music producer, and very creative, fun person.  I was happy to give her one of my early mugs (#5 from my 2nd ceramics course which featured lots of mugs with handles), one with lots of "student" characteristics to it, and was even happier with how she has welcomed this gift.  Miranda sent me photos of both her "urban" home for it : well as her "rural" home for it:

It's great to know that my ceramics are finding loving homes.

Here's a few more photos of my creations.  #31 and #32 sitting on the edge of my mother-in-law's kitchen counter, waiting to be filled with flowers (sorry for the blurry photo):

...and #22 sitting on my kitchen counter, holding a cyclamen which my husband bought for me, specifically since he thought it would fit nicely in that pot.  That was really sweet of him, to think of both me and my ceramics!

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