Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where are They Now? Part 2

(Aside : I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 a couple of days ago, so I am trying to be a cool mom now, installing some fun apps and signing up for Instagram and such.  My old phone was a Blackberry, and I had almost no apps, and was hopeless at even sync'ing up contacts and such.  But with the new phone, I am potentially able to take photos, and post them directly to my blog.  Or at least, that was the hope when I downloaded the Blogger app for Android.  But after letting me type in a full paragraph (which is painful for me, using a virtual keyboard now), and figuring out how to add my photo, it gave me some obscure upload error.  I then checked the reviews for the app, and found many others complaining about it also, so promptly deleted it.  So here I am, back at my computer, but at least will pull the photos from my new Dropbox, rather than cable and transfer them - that's pretty cool.)

I am still trying to find homes for all the ceramic items from my first course, before I start hauling more home from my second course.  I was happy to find homes for 2 more pieces, leaving only 4 more waiting on my livingroom windowsill for permanent homes.
ceramic cup as toothbrush holder
A couple of weeks ago, I got out new toothbrushes for my husband and I, then discovered that the handles were too fat to fit into the holes in our old toothbrush holder (seen in background in this photo), so my ceramic cup with the rose imprints (item #18 from my First Course) will fill in - at least temporarily until I can make another cup with more suitable colours.

I was washing dishes a couple of days ago, when I realized that the sink and tiles would stay cleaner - and drier - if it didn't have the scrubbers and lid from the garburator sitting directly on it.  So I put my little cup with the playing card suits (item #9 from my First Course) to use.  I like it, and think it fits the colour scheme fairly well - browns to match the tiles, and the green/blue to match the scrubber.

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