Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heaven is a Ceramics Studio

I am so fortunate to be able to take Wednesdays off work, and enjoy ceramics all day - first for my class, then open workshop.  It is the closest part of my life to what I imagine Heaven will be.  It is filled with creativity, wonderful people, lots of laughter, and learning.

This is my second class in ceramics, so I am still learning so much (and I hear from the more advanced students that there is always more to learn).  Mostly from my mistakes, and occasionally from the mistakes of others around me.  Yesterday I had a number of pieces which have become too dry before I could place my signature stamp on them, and clean up their bases.  So I discovered what a surform tool is, and how to recover from that situation.  I learned from a friend's story about putting her lid on her teapot, both quite dry, but they stuck together and she never was able to separate them.  So I laid strips of newspaper in between mine before testing the fit of the lid.

A lot of my fun in ceramics is that I don't have the control on the wheel that others with years of practice have developed.  So when I set out to make one thing, it quite often ends up being something different entirely.  Which is great, since I am constantly challenged - but in a good way - to figure out what to make of it.  My classmates are absolutely wonderful, and always willing to provide suggestions, and even offer me their tools where I am in a tight spot, and need help recovering.

Yesterday I was able to bring home 15 of my pieces - mostly cups and mugs - which are glazed and finished.  (So look forward to my post, once I have a chance to take photos of them.)  It was funny that the one piece which I like the best, was the one which started out as a mistake.  It was an attempt at a mug which turned out to be more of a bowl, and with a wonky edge too, so I ended up cutting the edge into a wavy design, and punching holes in it.  It could be a candle holder, or - as I saw in a photo somewhere - a holder for jewelry, where the holes could be used to hang earrings.

If, by God's grace, He has Heaven prepared for me, as I trust He has, I hope mine is not one of floating around on clouds and singing.  I hope it is one where I will always have the joy of discovering and learning - even if by making mistakes.

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