Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 5 in Ceramics Course

Today we did some glazing in our ceramics course today.  I glazed 14 mugs.  Most of them using 2 glazes, in various combinations.  My instructor suggested to me that I keep to one glaze each, but since I didn't have time to decorate the mugs as I would have liked prior to the bisque firing, that was not even an option for me.

We also threw some bowls, and then pressed two bowls together (with a hole between them to form a sort of handle for carrying), for serving condiments or candies or whatever.  Someone in the class decided to try pressing 3 bowls together, and I liked the effect, so after I finished the 2-bowl set, I made a 3-bowl set.  Then I needed to make a different handle, so I decided to try a hollow knob, which was a bit of a challenge for me to throw, but turned out great.  I wish I had taken a few photos, but I was so busy during class and workshop - not to mention my hands are always quite mucky - that I didn't take time.

I also tried throwing a bowl with a hollow rim.  It was also a challenge but turned out beautifully.  It will be a small bowl, maybe a cereal bowl size.  It is interesting to try to imagine the finished product, since there is so much shrinkage (something like 10 or 15 percent).

I also set out some of last class's items for the bisque firing.  The vase with 2 snakes for handles (I am not the only one who likes it, one of the ladies in my class thought it was really cool too).  The other decorated vase which will be a Christmas present, so I can't say too much, other than that I was getting quite a few compliments on it today when I set it out.

Sadly, I found out that this was class 5 of only 8 classes.  I thought it was 10 classes.  I don't know where I got that idea.  But anyhow, if my notes are correct, I have some 26 items already, in various states of completion.  I believe we will be making casserole dishes next week.  That should be fun.

I'll try to remember to take a few photos.  At least I am keeping notes on the items and glazes, so if I find a combination I like, I can repeat it.  Although I hear that every time you glaze, you get a different result.  Apparently the final result even depends on where in the kiln the item is placed.  So I have much to learn.  That's fine with me.

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