Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Ceramics - Where Are They Now?

When I brought home 22 ceramic items from my first course in August, it occurred to me that I'd better find homes for some of these pieces, otherwise my house could easily become overrun with ceramics.  A number of them have now settled into new homes, or into pretty reasonable places in our home.

#1 and #2 and #14 will likely stay in my personal collection, since these were some of my favourites.  They are currently sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets (with a cardboard box holding them up to a reasonable viewing height).  I added the bouquet of dried crocosmia stems / seed heads today:

This one, my #12, was inspired by my friend Helen, so I gave it to her recently as a belated birthday gift.  She sent me this wonderful photo collage of it, now happily serving as a candy bowl :

My sister Rose liked my footed bowl #16, so I gave it to her, and it is also a happy candy bowl.  Here it is on her kitchen table :
Rose also commented that #11 would look good with a dried flower arrangement.  So I decided to take up the challenge, with dried flowers from my garden (and some from my mother-in-law's).  At about the same time, my mom's South Burnaby Garden Club was having its annual Fall Fair, so she suggested I enter it into the Air Dried and/or Preserved Flowers category.  I jokingly replied that then I could give Rose "an award-winning flower arrangement".  Which is what happened!
I can't remember how we got on that topic, but my dance instructor, Lisa, mentioned that she loved handmade ceramics and things.  So she ended up with this little bowl, my #19 :
I love the colours and shape of #10, even though it reminds me of my mistake of applying slip when the clay was already too dry.  But I decided that it could sit on my kitchen counter, and hold garlic for me.  I learned recently that garlic lasts longer when left in a cool dark place rather than in the bottom drawer of the fridge, so this is where I keep my garlic now :
The little items #4, 5, 6 and 7 are in my 14-year-old's room, which is too messy for photos.  :-)
The tiny tiny bowl #22 reminded me of an egg cup, so it is now holding a stone egg in my dining room cabinet.  Notice that behind it is a really cool carved horse hair ceramic vase which we bought in the Southwest (Utah, I believe) :
#17 is my least favourite piece.  But I figured it could sit on my office desk, holding paper clips and other odds and ends, and look slightly better than the plastic container which was its predecessor :
#15 is sitting on the granite windowsill above my kitchen sink, waiting for me to drill the hole, so it can be hung outside on the fence....  But then again, what's the rush to do that for Winter?  It may as well wait until Spring...
That leaves just #3, #8, #9, #13, #18, and #22, which are sitting on the windowsill in our livingroom, waiting for someone to love them and take them home, or for me to find a more permanent place in our home.
Funny, as I write this, I can't remember what happened to my wonky rose candleholder #20.  But hopefully wherever it is, it is happy.
In the meantime, I am creating a number of mugs in my current ceramics course, so I should already start planning homes for them...

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