Sunday, October 2, 2016

More Platters from Styrofoam Hump Moulds

Today was my first opportunity to go back to Shadbolt, to complete the three platters I had started using my new Styrofoam hump moulds.  The one I had finished previously, with both feet and extruded rim.  Today I added the rims on the final two.

Here is one of the platters before adding the rim:
...and after adding the extruded rim:
It is a slow process, but I think the rim really completes the platter.  I was pretty pleased with myself, operating the small extruder by myself (we usually work in pairs).  But then the extrusion was very narrow, so I was able to let it run all the way down to the floor, and then break it off.  For a larger piece, it needs to be guided, and would likely break off under its own weight.

Here is the other platter :
Somehow this one didn't look complete to me.  And the sharp angles of the rim looked too industrial compared to the decorative inside.  My friend Teena also thought so, and suggested I add some decorative flourishes on the corners.   I think she's right, but I decided to finish these up and start another piece, rather than agonize and spend time on this now.  So I've wrapped it in plastic so I can explore this option at next opportunity.

Here are the three finished items on the drying shelf (although I may still return to that triangular one) :

Here's the new platter which I started, and got the feet on.  I just need to add a rim next time :
This one is also stamped / textured inside (I find the stamping and rolling to be very therapeutic), and the mould was really deep (3"), so it was a challenge to wrap the slab of clay over the mould.  It took quite a bit of coaxing.  But I think the result will be pleasing.  I did a funky little double foot (although I see from the photo that it's not very straight!).  I can't wait to flip it over and look inside.  Hopefully Wednesday.

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