Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tiny Tea Cup Finds Its Way Home

I made a mold for creating flowers on Wednesday, and I wanted to make sure it has come out of the bisque firing, in case I go into the studio tomorrow to decorate the large lantern piece.  The stamp was bisqued, and I tried it out :
I think it will work out okay.  Not spectacular results, but much faster than if I were to form these flowers by hand.  And more likely to stay together, since pressed as a single piece of clay.

While I was there, I was pleasantly surprised that a small guinomi (whiskey) or tea cup from our Mud in Your Eye course in the Fall of 2015 had found its way to join my other pieces on the bisque shelf.  I faintly remember at the time thinking that I was one cup short of what I had thrown, but I figured I had made a mistake in my notes, and didn't think much more of it at the time.  But I'm so glad to have this piece now :
I know it was formed with white P570 clay, with the Yellow clay marbled in.  I believe it was sprayed Clear, and dipped in Amber Celadon on the rim.  Nice little piece.

Speaking of missing, it's so strange to me that my weird thrown sculptural piece went missing after it was set on the shelves for the bisque firing, at the end of the Tools Course earlier this year.  It is so distinctive that there is NO chance someone took it by accident thinking it was theirs.  She was a weird one, but I'm still sad not to be able to see her finished.  Maybe one day she will make her way home again, too.

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