Sunday, April 10, 2016

First Blooming of my Dove Tree, and Garden Totems

This morning I made such a wonderful discovery, that it is worthy of posting on both my garden blog, as well as my pottery blog.  My young Davidii involucrata tree (dove tree or handkerchief tree), which I bought only 5 years ago as a small twig, and was prepared to wait up to 10 years for blooms, has had its first blooms this year.

Here is a photo of the young tree in bloom, with my small garden totems on either side.  It was a very overcast morning.  I look forward to taking more photos on a brighter day.
Young Davidii involucrata tree (dove tree or handkerchief tree) in its first bloom.
To read and see more, visit today's post on my gardening blog.

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