Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Student Exhibit Opportunity - Again !

I picked up most if not all of the remainder of my finished ceramics today, and I was very excited to learn that I have been invited to display one of my pieces at an upcoming student exhibit at Shadbolt Center in May and June.  Yay!!  I'm so excited.

This is the bowl / platter which was selected for exhibit :
17) This large bowl was slab-built from recycled clay.  I actually learned to use the slab-roller for this one, and formed it on a mold which our teacher had created for our use to create large bird baths.  I knew I wouldn't want a bird bath, for a number of reasons, but a big bowl like that would be awesome for the kitchen, for holding fruit or whatever.

The bowl is just over 14" or 36 cm diameter, and is really heavy.  It is definitely a two-hander, so I had one of my kids hold it so I could take photos.

The design on the edges is created with one of my hand-made stamps.  This spiral shape has come in pretty handy, as I have used it for previous bowls also, such as this small bowl #22.

I knew the Deep Blue was my glaze for creating the contrast I wanted.  It is brushed on and wiped off, and then the whole bowl is sprayed in Celadon glaze.  I really like that color combination, and the blue speaks to me of swirly waves.

The foot is a spiral shape, to echo the spirals on the inside of the bowl.  By the time I could flip the bowl out of the mold safely, it was too firm to stamp, so I added a button on the bottom to hold my stamp.

I was asked for a "title" for this piece, but I haven't been able to come up with a deserving title.  Any suggestions?

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