Sunday, March 1, 2015

Garden Totem Trial

It is a wonderful thing when your interests and hobbies intersect.  Which in my case, are gardening and pottery.  I have had the garden totem ceramic pieces sitting on my counter too long now, and it looks like the weather is changing from clear blue sky to cold and rain / snow (in the mountains, anyhow).  So I took this opportunity to run outside (wow, it was surprisingly cold) to try out my totem pieces on a piece of rebar which is already firmly planted in the back yard, protecting my beloved Davidii involucrata tree from the hose, when I drag it about the yard..

Small ceramic pottery garden totem in the yard.
If you take the photo at the right angle, the totem actually looks pretty big, but it is only about 3 feet high, and propped at the bottom with an overturned pot with bottom cut out, and some large rocks, to eliminate the gaps between the pieces.  This is only the first 9 pieces.  I have more coming.  But it looks like I will need a LOT more and probably some bigger pieces, if I'm going to do any sizable totem (I was thinking 8 feet or so, but may need to rethink).

Small ceramic pottery garden totem in the yard.
Here it is from another angle, to show off the white blossoms of my Japanese plum in the distance behind.  As well as my true friend, the wheelbarrow, resting against the fence.

Small ceramic pottery garden totem in the yard.
This angle shows off more of our yard and a peak at our house, but also gives a better indication of the totem's diminutive size.

Well, I was glad to learn that the pieces stack quite well, and the holes I made are a good size, larger than the size of the rebar, but not too large that they move about.  So I'm very pleased with that.  The totem looks way too small for the scale of my yard.  Which is good to learn now, if I am going to invest more time building more pieces for a bigger totem.  Perhaps I may stay with a few small garden hose-stopper totems for the time being.

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