Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Fall Ceramics in Progress

I have made a few dishes now from pressed sunflower leaves, most of them without feet, so I glazed only the top.  I decided that the next few I'd add feet, so I can glaze the bottom also.  I think this will feel nicer to handle, especially since I tend to leave the bottom rough (textured from the canvas-topped table).

In past, I have added button-type feet, but I don't think they look very professional, and don't always sit nicely, so I am experimenting with some swirly feet, cut from a slab, as I did for my 3 sunflower leaf dishes :

I started three other dishes this past session.  This one is another pressed leaf design, since soon I won't be able to find very many leaves to experiment with :
I sponged on green, turquoise and brown slip, so the leaf patterns should be a stark white in contrast to the colorful background.  I can then glaze it Clear or perhaps Celadon.  I forgot to remove the leaves before flipping it over, so I hope it dries okay like that.  I did start it soon enough, so that it was dry enough to flip over and add a spirally foot before the end of the session :

The second bowl will be a gift, probably for Christmas, so I won't show any photos yet.  The third one was some experimenting with rolling coils and assembling them into a mold.  Once I got started into it, I realized that it was taking much longer than I had imagined, and I wished I hadn't started, but I kept going.  I don't know that I pressed the coils together well enough, so when it dries, I'm afraid it may pull apart.  I'll find out when I go in next week.  I'm already prepared to cry from the amount of time I spent on it.  Although I'm not super pleased with the result, so in that way, I'm prepared to lose it if necessary, and chalk it up to experience.

I also played a bit with pressing and cutting out some smaller leaves, which could be pendants / charms.  Although from what I am reading, and also from my discussion with one of the instructors this week, I may not be able to find any high temperature wire which will hold up to the Cone 10 firing which we do.  I'm stuck on the idea of glazing the full leaf, front and back.  So if I want to make beads or pendants, I may be better off doing something with polymer clay instead.

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