Friday, November 21, 2014

Early Christmas Ceramics Gifts for Me

Considering how much ceramics I have around the house now, if someone had told me I'd buy more ceramics for myself today, I would have thought they were crazy.  But these were not just any ceramics, they are Sharon Reay creations.  Sharon is the ceramics arts programmer at Shadbolt (I just found her website tonight - check it out).  Ever since I saw one of her dragon pieces being pulled out of a wood kiln, I have wanted to own one.  So today I bought myself an early Christmas gift.  I couldn't decide between two pieces I liked, so I bought both.
Beautiful wood-fired ceramic vases by the talented Sharon Reay, in collaboration with Linda Doherty.

This wonderful piece by Sharon Reay features her characteristic adorable dragon wrapped around a dragon skin vase, with a gold rim.  Very sweet.  
Gorgeous unique ceramic dragon vase by the talented Sharon Reay.
Sharon was at the sale today.  Now I wish I had asked her more details about the piece, but I know it was wood fired.  I don't know about soda or ash or other details.  Maybe one day I'll get more background about my piece.  At the time I was too excited to have a chance to purchase it, and add it to my dragon collection.

Here's another look at a closeup of this sweet little dragon :
Closeup of a Sharon Reay ceramic dragon vase.

The other piece, I just loved the shape of the vase, and the tropical hibiscus and lizard reminded me of Hawaii.  It is both beautiful as well as whimsical.  I love the blend of blues and greens and browns.  It was also wood fired, but again, I don't have more details yet.
Beautiful handmade ceramic vase featuring a hibiscus carving and peeking lizard, by Sharon Reay in collaboration with Linda Doherty.
I was glad that Linda Doherty, one of my instructors and a very talented ceramics artist, was at the sale and pointed out that this was a collaborative piece between her and Sharon.  Linda throw the tulip-like vase, which is such an amazing shape, and Sharon carved the design and added the lizard. So now I own a bit of Linda's work also, which is cool.

Here is a closeup of this little lizard :
Closeup of a Sharon Reay ceramic piece with peeking lizard.

At the time, I thought I was crazy, actually buying ceramics, but when I mentioned it to a few fellow ceramics students who were at the sale, they didn't think it was crazy at all, and said that they have also purchased other people's ceramics.  And I got good feedback from my family, they all like them as well, and appreciate how unique these pieces are.  Yay!  I'm so excited.  I'm glad I treated myself to this wonderful gift.


  1. I love that you bought yourself something, Lily! Inspiring for you as well. Your "garden" dragon still quite impressive!!

  2. Thanks Shelley. Yes, they have been inspiring already... I found myself lying in bed last night, thinking about how I'd make that tulip-shaped vase... or what other shapes would be suitable, to try my hand at carving... Or whether I could find someone to collaborate with, so I wouldn't need to throw all my own pieces. :-) Ha ha.